Friday, November 07, 2003

I just had a visit from my neighbor who stays in my other house and does woodwork for me. He is now making a chest of drawers.

My neighbor is from the village of Spitagashen (the village my great-great grandfather on my father’s side was from) which is about 10 kilometers from Martuni. He was telling me that we are getting a visit from Kocharian in a couple of days (maybe even tomorrow) and thanks to his visit, we got our road from Martuni to the village repaired. It seems that Kocharian will be visiting some places in Karabagh during his visit and one of the places will probably be Avo’s Spring (named after Monte Melkonian), which is where it seems the road repairs end.

I noticed the repairs being made the other night when I took Jeff Ryan to Nungi and then continued on to my friends house to attend his birthday party.

Prior to that ride, Jeff and I drove to Nungi a few times and every time we drove the road, Jeff commented on how bad the road was and when you finish your ride, you feel like you have been in a 9 round boxing match. Jeff is obviously not a boxer, as every time we get to Nungi, his neck is stiff since he does not loosen up like your suppose to on these roads and just flow with the “punches”.

They repaired the road in a matter of a week and did so with the help of 300 soldiers from the army base that is close by. Why they have not done this before is beyond me, being that a couple of years back the commander from that base was complaining to me about the condition of the road and if war did break out it would take 4 times as long to get to Martuni if they were needed there and how important it is to make sure this road is always in good condition. So it took a visit from Kocharian to finally fix the road? I think someone has their priorities mixed up.

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