Saturday, November 15, 2003

Sorry for being out of touch, but I left for Yerevan a couple of days ago and since I’ve been here, I have really not had much time for internet.

I came to look for a place for the girl who got kicked out of her place because the landlord thought that we were fooling around when he showed up.

Anyway, it’s been very frustrating looking for a vacant place. I was thinking it would have been a matter of just walking into any building in Yerevan, ring a doorbell of an occupied apartment and they could tell of which of the many vacant units are available for rent.

After 2 days of looking, I learned from my cousin whose help I enlisted, that everyone wants to rent a place as in order to flee Armenia, people have learned that you start long before you are accepted to move to another country, to sell your place, rent and then when the papers come through, you vacate the place you are renting and leave for good. Very sad and the reason we have not yet found a place.

Now if I was interested in buying, I didn’t have any shortage of available places. One woman was ready to pack up her meager belonging and leave her apartment if I paid her $6,000 for her one bedroom apartment which is in a building that only she and 2 others were occupying. The building had a total of 12 units.

Winter is just around the corner and when I got up this morning, there was frost on the windows, meaning that last night it got down to 0c.

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