Sunday, November 23, 2003


YEREVAN, NOVEMBER 23. ARMINFO. The development of the events in Georgia showed that the society and the political forces of that country will not tolerate the dictatorship anymore. Representative of the Justice bloc, Leader of the National-democratic party of Armenia Shavarsh Kocharian told ARMINFO.

According to him, the situation in Georgia may have several developments. Either the president Edward Shevardnadze will compromise with the opposition and continue to remain in power on condition that new parliamentary elections are conducted. In this case the whole legislative and executive powers will be in the hands of the opposition, and President Shevardnadze will come out in the role of "English queen", Kocharian said. Or the opposition and the president cannot compromise, and in this case it is impossible to avoid conflict between the authorities and the opposition, the NDP leader stated. The super-powers are interested just in such development of the situation in Georgia.

If the anti-presidential moods in Georgia don't stop, which will result in conflicts between the opposition and the authorities it cannot but have influence the political situation in Armenia, the deputy of Armenian parliament said. He stressed that similar development of events in the neighbor republic will bring to chain reaction in Armenia as well, where the people will begin to worry, as in Armenia the elections were held with no less infringements of the electoral code than in Georgia.


I’m not sure what to think of this story, but gut feeling says that this is wishful thinking on part of the Justice bloc. As far as I know, the greater population has less confidence in the Justice bloc and those other political parties that have the potential to take power of the country, rather than the present government. I especially think those that feel that our problems stated on October 27, 1999. Those are the ones that are most dangerous.

Now just maybe a velvet revolution in Armenia will lead to Kocharian being more cooperative and fair with people, but such a revolution has to be done right to get such results.

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